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Enjoy an incredible 2 player basketball game with Basketball Legends 2020! Are you ready to enjoy your favorite sport? Live a unique experience while playing with the best players of all times!

Michael Jordan, James Harden, Luka Doncic, LeBron James and many more await you in this unique adventure! Choose your favorite team and compete in a tough tournament ready to take you to victory. Intercept rebounds, steal the ball from your opponents, dunk and shoot amazing 3 pointers to win the game before your time runs out.

What are the highlights of Basketball Legends 2020?

  • Enjoy unique two-player basketball tournaments
  • Play with the most famous faces in the sport.
  • Choose your favorite team.
  • Take advantage of limited time on each play. You only have 1 minute.
  • Train hard and get ready for the ultimate tournament.
Arrow to move
X key to throw
S key to block
Z key to super launch

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