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After a long and torturous bus ride you've come to Bunkfort Town to protect yourself from the pandemic that is sweeping the world! There is a bunker in the town with everything you need to survive and it is completely isolated from the virus. But only a few have the chance to get in, so it's time to show off your incredible social and survival skills to become one of the lucky few humans without infection! Visit the key points of the city and try to buy food and supplies that are useful in these difficult times in the few shops that are still open. Find a mask to protect your life from possible infection, try to find police badges or an official pass to get into the bunker - anything that looks stupid can be useful for survival! You'll also have to have the courage to face dangerous opponents who will kill for anything - get a good team to protect your back and survive the cooperative attacks!


  • Enjoy a unique multiplayer game of action and survival.
  • Get all sorts of useful items such as food, alcohol gel, masks, respirators, bunker access passes
  • Get to form a good team.
  • Try to survive dangerous cooperative attacks
  • Avoid passing near the infected without protection.
  • Flee from police attacks.
  • He manages to survive the pandemic at all costs.
Arrow keys to move
Mouse to AIM
Left mouse to shoot
Spacebar to impulse
T to chat

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