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"Candy Crush Saga" is "the most appealing rated game in 2017. Candy Crush Saga has infatuated many people, especially teenage girls.

At first glance, it seems that Candy Crush is like a traditional diamond game, however, "sweet candies" bring unimaginable appeal by changing boring, more familiar diamonds throughout. ten years with attractive sweet candy bars.

The interface is beautiful, attractive, the sound is somewhat "stimulating" and is considered appropriate for the age, many players rated Candy Crush as one of the most addictive games.

The manufacturer was also very realistic when it came to warning about the possibility of addicting this game to a very high level, however, not so that the download of Candy Crush game dropped. With more than 400 levels being released, for beginners, it will be really difficult challenges to overcome.

The first version was published on iStore, for Apple models like: iPhone, iPad, however, soon after, the versions for Android or Java series also quickly appeared. It is also appreciated when users can invite friends to play or share their points via Facebook for everyone to know.

On iOS: Download
Use the mouse, keyboards to play!

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