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Day At School is a nice 2D game composed of 8 interesting school related minigames. Returning to the school after some time is a challenging process not only for students, but as well teachers, janitors and many other involved people. There is much they must do to may everything ready and actually this game will guide you through these processes within 20 minutes of its gameplay. The first necessary is to prepare the school class. There is need to clean up all mess, paint walls, fix floor as well as choose new equipment to make everything look perfect. Next you will help students to find and collect all the necessary school supplies for their first day in the school. Once their school bag is ready, you must also help them to dress up properly. The day will be long, thus prepare a snack and healthy drink is 100% beneficial. Once students are ready, they must be transported to the school. However, every vehicle - school bus including - needs certain service to look and work properly. Thus make all necessary to clean it and fill up it with necessary petrol. New environment may cause certain confusion - students do not need to be sure where to sit. Help them find their place. Once all get sit and are ready, start teaching them.

Use mouse to play

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