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Html5 Games

  • Stick Duel Battle
  • Shoot And Run
  • Mr Fight
  • Stickman Training Hero
  • Rally Point 4 (Only download)
  • Boxing Stars
  • Warlock Royale
  • Stickman World War
  • Mergest Kingdom
  • 12 MiniBattles
  • Soccer Physics
  • Castle Wars: Middle Ages
  • Raze
  • Jetpack Joyride

    10 Best Html5 Games for 2022

    Simple to understand, HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the language to describe what websites display. We have used HTML4 since 1997 until now - a very long time of technology flow. The problem with HTML4 is that its functions are extremely limited, many developers have to incorporate plugins like CSS, Flash, Java and Silverlight ... to meet their needs. This makes the browser cumbersome, slow, affecting the user experience.

    Therefore, HTML5 was born as a valuable upgrade to address the outstanding shortcomings of HTML4 with the following principles:

    - Less depend on plugins for functions.

    - Scripts should be replaced with bookmarks whenever possible.

    - Stand-alone device (for example, available on all devices and provides the same experience for users).

    - Publish the development process so people can see what's going on.

    What has HTML5 contributed to the game industry?

    The most special benefit of HTML5 Games is "Device independence". The difference in game programming languages ​​between platforms or browsers is a major obstacle that countless developers need to overcome. And HTML5 is the end of this problem. Synchronizing HTML5 programming language has made the game experience simpler than ever. Users can now play games on mobile phones, desktops or tablets without problems. You just need to go to the most basic web browser on your smartphone or PC and enjoy your favorite game.

    Since then, there are many HTML5 Games titles appear, simple and complex. Gradually, the more the language is concerned, the more sophisticated the product is. Everyone tried to rewrite Quake II in HTML5 and the results were beyond imagination.


    For a long time, HTML5 is expected to become the future for not only games but also for mobile applications. Across technology forums around the world, HTML5 learning, construction and programming topics have flooded. Ghost Sword H5 or similar game products in the future is expected to bring a new direction for the gaming community of the country.