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Mobile Games

  • Modern Combat 5 (Only Download)
  • Imposter Space Puzzle
  • Soccer Skills: Euro Cup 2021 Edition
  • Mega Ramp Stunt Moto
  • Helifight
  • Parkour Climb
  • Drunken Archers Duel
  • Moonlight Princess
  • Soccer Face Art
  • Europe Soccer Cup 2021
  • Roof Rails Online
  • Bomb Prank
  • Hatch Your Unicorn Idol
  • Shortcut Run
  • Santa Gifts Rush

    10 Best Mobile Games for 2022

    The origin of the game on the phone:
    The first game on the phone is probably a lot of people still remember? It's a "sanke" game on a black and white Nokia phone. That was the past decade ago, how is the phone game market now?

    Phone makers are launching ultra-cheap but extremely high-end versions to meet the needs of gamers, which also indicates that the game industry on the phone deserves to flourish. . In addition, the statistics show that the mobile market share has surpassed PC and Console. In 2019 Mobile accounted for 34% and PC accounted for only 25%.

    Japan has been at the forefront of commercialization of mobile games since 1999, then expanded to Asia, the US and Europe. But the game on the phone really exploded when Apple launched the Apple Store. Since then the game on the phone is more colorful, more vivid, faster and more versatile!
    Next is the birth of Android, so the gamers have the opportunity to enjoy exciting moments on all smart mobile devices.

    List of cult games:
    First of all, there is Candy Crush Saga Game, a puzzle game that attracts millions of people around the world including women. For the first time in waiting for everyone to play a game with such beautiful graphics, along with many levels from difficult to easy.

    Next is the game "Minecraft Game"! The ability to create and build Minecraft allows players to build buildings by building texture blocks in a 3D world. Other activities in the game include searching, gathering resources, making and fighting. There are many game modes available, including survival mode, where players must find resources to build the world and maintain health, creative mode, where players have unlimited resources to build. and has the ability to fly, adventure mode, where players play maps created by others and spectator mode, where players can fly over blocks, but cannot interact with blocks. The PC version of the game is also famous for third-party mods, allowing for more new tools, characters and quests for the game. Addons can change images and functions of animals and tools.

    And the next big name is "Pokémon Go Game". The game allows players to catch, battle, train and trade Pokémon [7] through the real world [4] using the device's GPS and camera. This is a free download game, but there are in-app purchases so players can buy in-game items. [8]

    The game quickly became one of the most used applications on the phone right after its debut, surpassing the record previously held by Candy Crush Saga. Pokémon GO quickly became a great resource for Nintendo, which owns The Pokémon Company. The game is highly appreciated by psychologists for helping improve the mental and physical health of the players, but also causes a lot of controversy in causing some accidents and many negative cases. other.

    For these reasons, I always try to update the latest and best games on the phone so that you can unleash your choice and experience!