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Pixel Warfare 4 WebGL is a 3D action shooter game from first person perspective. Shoot your enemies online. Play with players all around the world. Make your own room and start your story. It seems that development of WebGL games is taking the right direction, which allows us to use new technologies and make games better than ever before. Well, we could not forget to share fourth sequel of already legendary Pixel Warfare with you, which we have already published in its Unity version. WebGL version of Pixel Warfare 4 offers a complete gaming experience, the same as you were used to in Unity. We believe that all Google Chrome users will be excited that they will be able to enjoy what it is like to be a part of the battle in one of the most popular 3D multiplayer shooting games for browsers today. Pixel Warfare classic gameplay combined with the best possible technology, it is the WebGL version of Pixel Warfare 4. We are very happy that you are enjoying playing our games. Have fun.

G = become zombie
R = reload
Tab = menu
X = suicide
P = fullscreen
1, 2, ... = weapons
Space = jump
Ctrl = crouch
T = chat

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