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What is Pokémon GO? It is a virtual interactive game on Android and iOS smartphones developed by Niantic and is expected to be released in July 2016. The game allows players to capture, train and exchange virtual Pokémon based on the real world.

Although the game is released for free, Pokémon GO sells items costing from $ 0.99 to $ 99.99. In addition, they also sold a Pokémon GO Plus bracelet, which supports playing the game on the phone without unlocking the screen. This ring will notify the player when they are near a Pokémon.

How to play the Pokémon Go game is similar to the content in the feature film with the same name: The player will go everywhere, use the Poké Ball to find and win the Pokémon on the way. Different types of Pokémon live in different areas, such as water creatures that will be near rivers or seas.

This game uses virtual interactive technology, so players will have to open the network and GPS connection on their phones so that the game locates the area in question and creates an in-game map.

On your own map there are specific locations called landmarks. When exploring new landmarks, your map will be expanded. In addition, the number of Pokémon you can catch also increases. In addition to the milestones, you can bring your Pokémon to fight in the Gym and receive medals.

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