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Have you ever stopped to think what a strange story surrounds the mysterious Pokémon Greninja? Get ready to enjoy an exciting adventure in the Pokémon world in Pokémon Greninja Z. Choose a name for your character and join him in his new life after moving to the Kalos region. You don't know anyone so it's time to socialise with your neighbours.

Enter the village gym with your favourite Pokémon, train hard to become the best, and meet your future opponents. Will you be able to become the most powerful Pokémon Master in history? Survive the onslaught of your enemies in tough and dangerous death battles and try to earn the respect of all the Trainers in your region. Practice dozens of new moves, evolve with your little Greninja and learn all about your inseparable and faithful Pokémon.

X to select
Arrow keys to move

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