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Enjoy an exciting MMO strategy game with Ragnarok Vikings at War! Enter the legendary world of the Vikings and face thousands of enemies in a great battle for survival. It's time to get enough wealth to build a prosperous and rich kingdom. Climb aboard your big ship along with a huge group of bloodthirsty Vikings and disembark in unknown lands after a long journey through dangerous storms on the raging sea. Are you ready to plunder and conquer any territory? Face the great armies that are trying to prevent you from accomplishing your mission and manage to make a hole in Valhalla thanks to your tricks.


  • Play with thousands of players from all over the world
  • He runs a settlement and develops a trading system.
  • It builds up to 20 different types of buildings.
  • Plunder all kingdoms and countries into misery.
  • Buy improvements with the gold you collect.
Left mouse to select/attack
Mouse to move

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