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Rpg Games

  • Imperia Online
  • Incremental Epic Hero
  • Forge & Fortune
  • Duck Life: Battle
  • Last Debt
  • Kumu's Adventure
  • Critical Strike: DLC 1
  • Mighty Party
  • Hero Zero
  • War Lands
  • Fakemon Club

    10 Best Rpg Games for 2021

    RPG game is an acronym for Role-Playing game in English, known as familiar RPG. This is a game genre where players will transform into a character in the virtual world, can upgrade themselves and take responsibility for their own actions and directions.

    History of RPG series:

    Role-playing role-playing games can be said to be one of the oldest games. RPGs began the first products in the mid-1970s like Dungeon, pedit5 and DND. In 1980, the first game officially released for computers was Dungeon n Dragons. This is the first game so it limits the main elements of RPGs. But products released later such as Telengard (1982) or Sword of Fargoal have gradually overcome limitations.

    Starting in 1984, computer-based RPG titles have gradually improved themselves. Games released during this period like 50 Mission Crush and Questron have received a lot of support from the community. Most of the years from 1984 to 1988, all role-playing games followed the turn-based genre. But Dungeon Master chose a different path, after a real-time attack. A major turning point of role-playing games.

    Another big step has changed almost the face of industry, which is the RPG game that sets foot on the Console. It was in 1982, the game Dragonstomper released on Atari 2600. Some games laid the foundation for the genre of tactical or real-time role-playing like Dungeon Master (1985) NES and New Bokosuka Wars systems on X86000 system. Sharp.

    In the early 1990s, RPGs on the Console dominated the PC system. The biggest difference between the two systems is the description of the characters in the game. Developers on the Console system have done this very well. By the end of 1990, a major revolution actually took place when the name Final Fantasy VII appeared. This is considered one of the most influential games of all time, later becoming a major monument in the series of role-playing games. However, then, the next role-playing game has added CGI elements, interactive game play videos. This approach is really effective, especially when the 3D platform begins to be exploited.

    As a result, the boundary between RPG Console and PC is gradually erased.

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