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More Games is a strategy space-based io game where you orbit the earth and fight other players.
Take out the current leader or go for the high score yourself! You are your own weapon and everyone else's worst nightmare! is a 2D one-button physics-based simulation filled with explosions where you can orbit the earth and destroy other players. Start out on the Earth and then use your boosters to launch into space and establish an orbit. Earn a high score or kill as many leaders as possible so that you can earn the crown. Don't stop there though, you'll be the next target, so you better keep a close eye as everyone has you on their radar and they prepare their own attacks! Do what it takes to get that crown, just don't crash into the Earth and escape the other players as they try to ram into you. Keep the number one spot for as long as possible and rub it in everyone's faces the entire time! can be played from anywhere with a mobile device, tablet, or PC. Enter a username on the front page and your spaceship will be ready to launch. Register your account for ease of access and upcoming additional features.


-Press space, or tap/click the screen to boost your ship's speed and build up an orbit
-Press enter to open the chat panel and give those other players a verbal smackdown
-Type into the chat box once open and press enter again or click the send button to send your messages

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