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More Games is a team-based sports simulator game that's lots of fun.
Don't let the name fool you, Slime isn't a gross excretion by an alien overlord: It's a fun multiplayer volleyball, soccer, and hoops simulator. In Slime.LOL, you will go one on one in a game of volleyball, soccer, or hoops armed with only your numberd or W,A,S,D pad and a limited use power shot. You'll be pitted against a grinning opponent who is hell bent on knocking you out of the league. Spike your way up the leader board as you parry, dodge, power hit, and penatly kick and dominate the competition. This game has a realistic  physics engine that lets you understand, anticipate and reasonably respond to the way the ball bounces.

If you pay attention, then in time you will learn to know where it will go when you hit it at a certain angle. This rewards long term players who are paying attention and using their brains as well as their reflexes to outsmart, outspike, and out play their opponents. You must also make judicious use of your "power shot" a type of shot that gives you faster, more powerful serves, strikes and shots.  Used sparingly this will surprise your opponents and might just give you a surprise point. You can also use the number pad to customize the way you look. Use your emotions to fool your opponent.

WASD or ARROWS: move
SPACE: jump
SHIFT: power shot
NUMBER 1-4: emote (must have face equipt)

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