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An incredible action-packed adventure awaits you at Strike Online Shooter! Dangerous enemy forces have come into your territory to seize power and annihilate your own, and only you will have the chance to put an end to this terrible nightmare!

Protect your character with all kinds of explosive devices and dangerous firearms and help him navigate his way through the environment with great care as he tries to destroy all his enemies in one shot. Move through a hyper-realistic environment with immersive graphics that allow you to feel like you're inside the game - will you be able to bring peace to your territory?

What qualities stand out in Strike Online Shooter?

  • Enjoy incredible hyper-realistic graphics.
  • Multiplayer action game in which you fight against people from all over the world.
  • You will have dozens of different weapons with which to protect your life.
  • Kill your enemies to protect your territory.
  • Buy upgrades with the money you earn.
  • Customize your character.
  • Restore peace to your land.
Arrow keys to move
Spacebar to jump
Mouse to AIM
Left mouse to shoot

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