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More Games is a free iogame. Welcome to the ultimate 100 players real-time multiplayer voxel battle-royale first-person shooter game. This free game features procedurally generated maps. When players join, they spawn on the warm up island to wait for the game to start when there are enough players. As the game begins, players start their dropoff randomly on the battle island to fight to be the last person alive. Chests of various tiers containing various guns, shovels, consumables, and blocks are scattered throughout the island. Players must find and utilize these items to fight to be the last person alive and win the game. Continuously throughout the game, toxic fog will slowly shrink the battle island, forcing the player to find and eliminate each other.

W - Walk forward
S - Walk backward
A - Walk left
D - Walk right
Space - Jump
X - Open Inventory (Use mouse left click and right click to swap items)
Hold C - Crouch
Hold Shift - Sprint
Hold Tab - View Map
Left Mouse Button - Primary action on item: Shoot / Use Item / Consume Item
Right Mouse Button - Secondary action on item: Aim / Switch block placement mode

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